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Rua António Cândido,32

Nelson Vieira (Fashion Stylist & Creative Director)
Pedro Neto ( Fashion Designer)
João Octávio Peixoto (Photographer)

Infinite is the word. Infinite connections, partnerships, creations, people, purposes, results. That is Box32. A place to link and gather all kinds of artists and showcased them to world. All creative areas such as fashion, music, design, visual arts, photography, gastronomy, find support in Box32.

This project, created by Nelson Vieira (Fashion Stylist), João Octávio Peixoto (Photographer) and Pedro Neto (Fashion Designer), aims to be much more than the sum of its parts. From buying a piece from a national fashion designer, to admiring a creation from a local artist, or enjoying some live music and having a cocktail, to even observing a photoshoot taking place. Box32 is a space for infinite cultural interactions.