FLOW Restaurant & Bar
Rua da Conceição, 63
The "Flow Restaurant & Bar" is the new reference in Porto´s downtown, located in an emblematic and rehabilitated building, aims to provide unique flavours of the Mediterranean without forgetting the most appreciated palates of the traditional Portuguese cuisine. Conceived by two friends with a taste for cuisine, the "Flow" sits at number 63 in Rua da Conceição, a place where art and gourmet merge. Emerging from an old building in neo-Arabic architecture is an avant-garde, irreverent space, in which the concepts of modernity and tradition of the Middle East decorations meet. Inside the restaurant, you can find three distinct areas - Restaurant, Bar and Terrace - that are to work in a dynamic circuit and invite the customer to make use of different concepts in one place enjoying a unique experience. The menu focuses on a journey across the Mediterranean flavours, not forgetting the unique tastes of the Portuguese cuisine with a pinch of culinary creativity in line with the exclusivity of the venue.

12:30PM - 3:00PM, 8:00PM - 11:30PM